I'm malika. As you can see, I love a lot and i have lots of love to spread. 

Let's make the best out of our presence here on this beautiful earth.


People use to tell me that i'm doing so many different things and how that is possible. Well it is :) It is super simple actually. I'm just doing what i'm doing and what i'm doing is always the same just how i communicate it changes.


All i'm doing is energy work for the good. I translate energies into expression. If it's in nutrition, yoga & meditation, music, energy treatments, interior design, art...

One of my specialities is energetic singing/sound healing and channelling. You should not miss out this experience and (re-)connect yourself to your power.

Also i would like to demystify energy work a bit hence it is just being emphatically and knowing physics through experience (signature, meditation,...)


I don't 'believe' in 'Guru /Angel/Religion' stuff.


There is not an angel actually sitting on a cloud but there are certain frequencies that our brain translates into these pictures/as metaphors so we can understand. Thats it and that is magical and complex enough to me.


Our brains are insane, we got quite a challenge as humans, that's for sure.


My goal is to support you so you can help yourself at one point.


I will try my best to be transparent and explain everything to you. What i'm doing i do it with all my heart and best intentions.


Not looking up or down, just straight.

If you would like to read more of my personal story and education please scroll down. If you have any questions or if you would like to hear more about my personal diet and daily practice please use the contact field.

"Everything created is perishable and so are we so let's laugh, love and support each other"

Have you ever asked

yourself what you can do

to help heal the world?

I believe, if we would be able to solve our own war, the rest would follow on the road to peace and happiness. You may think that these are big words and that this statement may be exaggerated and to easy or naive, but I firmly believe that. If everyone would be able to solve their own war /old programs, more peace could unfold on earth. We should first look at our own issues/battle and try to solve that - instead of pointing our finger towards others. Reprogram yourself. Higher your frequency.

There are only two factors that lead to war:  action and reaction. That, which goes on in the small picture, also happens on a bigger scale. 


Choose making a difference today. Start with yourself. Look at your own battlefield. Be good to yourself. Create Love. Be Love. The rest will follow naturally. Peace and war are very familiar to me. Well, I call it: personal development. I suffered a lot and the experiences I made throughout my life along with my personal health story have left me no other choice, than to deal with topics like food / nutrition / psychology / meditation / sport / spiritual work /....those allowed me to help myself on the way of getting and staying healthy and happy again. What we do, is to simply connect the dots. How? Through asking the right questions, listening well and being attentive to what is written between the lines - which ultimately leads to an understanding of the coherences between health issues that presented themselves  and as a result take the necessary steps to change those patterns. I have gone through my emotional challenges, patterns, personal health story - like many others - and lived through experiences that helped me learn and still help me learn. We are all on our way and that is fantastic! There is no perfect or absolute truth/solution.

If you listen to your heart and your stomach, there is no wrong. It is your decision. Your way. No worries or looking back. 


One crucial aspect is to shed light on the fact, that you are responsible for your wellbeing, for your cruise - no one else. 

Everyone deserves a happy life, deserves abundance and peace


It is possible, that you sometimes will find yourself in a situation, where some guidance, a little jog, an open ear or a treatment can be very helpful. Especially, if you feel stuck and  things seem to not be flowing anymore. I call myself very lucky and I'm very thankful. I do have awesome and inspiring teachers, friends and beautiful encounters - always popping up at the right moment.

​One of those moments, where I personally felt stuck, was when I was 20. With my getting hormone injections for a couple of years since I was 12, my body system got totally out of balance and it just got worse over the years. With 20, I found myself having fever for a couple of days every week, bladder infections, inflammation in my body, a bunch of intolerances, a super weak immune system, hair loss, heavy thyroid issues.


The doctors just gave me antibiotics and told me that beside my hormone struggles, they couldn't find anything. The antibiotics made it so bad, that I almost couldn't eat anything anymore. 


I had to act myself, there was no other chance for me.

There is this beautiful place in the mountains where they complemented western scientific based medicine with holistic medical knowledge from other traditions. A close friend of mine had already taken me there once. 


Later I attended an ayurvedic cooking and food nutritionist education there. A truly magical place (ayurvedic retreat center, mountain school, healing center,..) with beautiful and inspiring people. Dunja Loipl-Nachtsheim (founder and owner), my former 'adoptive' mum and one of my teachers is one of the most impressive women I have come across. 



I learned so much from her and still do even though she is not actively in my life anymore. During my education and training time there (4 years), I detoxed myself, changed my diet radically, worked, practiced yoga and meditated. To me, having the opportunity to study there, was a tremendous gift.

And I am very grateful for it. 


Over the last 7 years I learned as much as I could about food and its connection with us and our bodies. I gathered wisdom from all over the world and had/have amazing teachers, who always supported and support me. 

One of the things, that really nourishes me is being outside in nature, especially being in the ocean. I also love to dance, spending time with friends, being in the ocean and creating music. It makes me incredibly happy.


I have a strong dancing background and I'm doing my 'own personal yoga' since I was a little girl. I longed for an intense, professional daily training to learn on a deeper level for myself. So I participated in a Yoga Instructor Training (Hatha Yoga / Sivananda 250 hrs YA). I furthermore was happy to gain insights in Kundalini, Yin and Ashtanga Yoga.


I'm not a supporter of Dogma and rules, especially the ones I don't understand and which do not make any sense to me. This is why I always ask a lot and also why I decided to immerse myself in those educational programs. It was an absolute necessity for me, to really understand and comprehend what I was doing.

I was able to get rid of almost all my intolerances, understand my body, my personal patterns, my mind and the connections to my wellbeing way better and I continue to learn about all of that still. As long as it takes to get sick, as long will it take to get healthy again (in most of the cases).


The most important thing is, that we find a way to help ourselves. 


And that is my purpose: supporting you on your journey to a point, where you will know yourself again and were you will understand, what truly nourishes you.

I'm highly sensitive since i was a child and was able to understand and turn this so called 'weakness' in our society into a strong positive tool. Each treatment I offer, has been personally shaped and moulded for you and in accordance to your needs. In that moment, I become the tool that helps you to apply techniques out of a huge array of methods  (reiki, energy work, meditation, shamanic influences, meditation, breath work, sound healing with singing, channeling,..). 


Cause in the end, you are the captain -  I can only help you to navigate.

If you feel, like I can support or help you on your cruise, I would be honoured. I work with an open heart and mind in a very sensitive way - so I can facilitate helping you to embrace life and move further along on your personal path in happiness, harmony, joy, health and love. And, luckily, changing a diet, getting fitter/healthier and generally healing can actually be lots of fun - given you add the right dose of humour to it without taking yourself to seriously. 


It is a pleasure meeting you here virtually.

Let me know, how we can connect. 

Lots of love,