Consciousness is the answer.

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Colors and Consciousness 


1 Day Business Course

You are a design university or a company that would like their designers to create even more outstanding connected products or spaces?


Mindfulness and consciousness is the answer. This course connects professional design to topics like meditation, mindfulness and consciousness. It creates the link to ourselves and opens up a new way of connecting the dots. From that spot inspiring, quick and goal directed design will be a routine.



Differentiates shapes. Developed. Detached from learning and well-known theories, which will be discussed at the beginning, we want to work together and in solitude to design color concepts that will leave an outstanding harmonic impression.


Connections in our world. Observations on nature / Meditation Scientific-philosophical theory of colors,  natural color harmonies.


Designing differently with colors and material according to this approach will free your way of systematic thinking. It will uplift your way of designing.


This workshop is designed to reveal new ways of thinking and possibilities, free from the known. Out of the box.


The focus is on mindfulness, observation, understanding each aspect that is responsible to build up  a scene / situation. Reading this situatuion intelligently and emphatically (creatively) to be able to translate it into a professional, inspiring and successful design concept.


It should be given the space and the opportunity to create new links so as to be able to customize. 


Course content:


Why are we fascinated by a certain scenery / color world?

Why do we find something nice or ugly?

Where does our valuation of the world come from?

Color concepts development with regard to the inclusion of every aspect / participant of a color world. Ask yourself, observe and perceive yourself, so that in the next step you can translate emotionality bit by bit into an applicable design. Give things space and space to interpret and translate them.


Nature observation and the analysis of the practical example can open new ways of thinking and the way to a harmoniously inspiring design.


The subject of the workshop is the path to the development of a color and material concept, which is translated into a design with regard to the emotionality and mood of a situation / color world. This is implemented in the form of a mood board with the resulting analyzed color harmonies in order to translate them into an appealing concept in a further step.


This color concept should reflect the mood of the initial situation / desired situation again.

Course language: english or german

Duration: 1 Day 





Individual Package

Individual Coaching Package


We will meet and have a preliminary talk to see what I can do for you.

The first hour costs 75 Eur.


A plan (possible content: stress-relief exercises, guiding, meditation, yoga, nutrition, energy work, channelling - whatever might suit you so that you'll feel better and be the best version of yourself). 


An offer/plan will be shaped for you after the first consultation.


Follow up coaching will be 85 Eur per hr.


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It can take via skype or at a place we would agree on. You would need to pay for the travel expenses of course and a bonus. Ask for an individual package using the contact field.



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Product Channelling / Business Guidance

You have a product or service and somehow it does not feel so good? You feel that something is blocked in the process and not in the flow. For example, are you a chocolate maker and have the impression that the ingredients do not blend in with each other, as if that little extra is missing to make your product really successful and round?


Then this package is just right for you.

Whether it's about your business decisions or the product itself, here are some answers that will help you understand your situation best.

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