Experience Interior Architecture and Design in a holistic magical and energetic way.


I'm interior architect and developed a university proven philosophical science based color theory called 'macolor'. 

The design will be referred to your individual state of being, wishes and needs as well as the needs from the space. I link empathic energy work with holistic inspiring and holistic design.

The color theory will help to create a space where you will get nourished in a way so you experience happiness and abundance at home. It is a very individual approach shaped for you. Be surprised and experience design in a sophisticated, harmonic healing way.

Colorful Threads

Color Trimming / Advice

What colors does your space / project / marketing need to shine?

Experience a professional color trimming / advice based on the macolor theory.


First, we'll talk about your project in a profound, professional and holistic manner.

Your color harmonies will be selected in a conscious, fitting, inspiring and inventive way based on my own philosophical scientific color theory.


Afterwards i will present my ideas to you.


Consists of:


Personal Pictures

Mood Boards

Occasional Material Boards

Color Harmonies


Appliance of those colors


Extra service / extra costs: 


Interior Suggestions


Orders / Shopping


Follow-up Talks


If we are too far apart, please be advised that you will need pay travel expenses.

starting from:


Dark Green Wall

Holistic Interior Design.

Full Package

Word of caution: the preliminary talk costs 100 Eur.

The actual price will be announced after that talk.


What does your home need?

What does your space require?

What do you need to feel abundance and happiness at home or whatever else you might want to feel.


I will strive to create an individual space that will help to nourish you in precisely the way you need. A truly magical spot with good energy and high frequencies.


Possible Content (price varies depending on the amount of time/effort):


Consultation at your home / chosen spot - with the first talk costing 100 Eur.


Price Suggestion / Quote

Color Design Suggestion based on the macolor theory and your needs.


Interior Suggestions


Orders / Shopping


Follow-up Talks



If we are too far apart, you will required to pay travel expenses.



Tropical Veranda

Holistic Design Advice

What does your home need? What does your space require?


I will come to your place so that you'll have the opportunity to tell me how you feel/sleep/exist in your home.

Do you feel good or are there some energies/challenges preventing you from feeling 100% comfortable in your home? 

I will meditate and feel the frequencies to see what adjustments, rearrangements or changes need to be made so the energy can flow in a good way.


We let the energy of the space 'talk' and see what's necessary to be done so that you'll become one with your place.

Additionally, we will consider what's missing or anything you might need so you can feel good at home.


If we are too far apart, you will be required to pay the travel expenses.