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Energy Dance


Experience improvised and intuitive Movements of the Earth.


We will connect and meditate and then bring the felt/experienced frequencies 'inside' ourselves and 'outside' ourselves into movement. This experience can aid the process of getting to know yourself better, remove blockages, highten your frequency and get more connected. You can integrate parts of that to your daily routine to stay connected and clean yourself (energy wise).


Experience yourself. Get in touch.


Please use the contact form to request more information.



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Energy Dance

Ritual Dancing

Experience improvised and intuitive Movements. 


I will connect and meditate and then bring the frequencies around into 'a danced movement' - Translating the felt/experienced energy into movement and then with permission highten the frequencies and clearing them to create a good vibe and happy cells.



Experience yourself.


Please use the contact form to request more information. Prices vary depending on the duration.



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Ritual Singing

Experience the intuitive translated sounds of your Frequencies, the place and the surroundings. The sounds of the heart.


I will connect and meditate and then bring the frequencies around into 'a sung word/language' and communicate with them to ask for their needs/wishes and then serve them with tones/prayers to highten them and create a good vibe - it is the sounds of you, the universe and the earth that will be heard translated in an individual way.

I don't want to call it shamanic singing but if you would need a picture, this metaphor might suit best.


With good intentions/light and lots of love and respect, I will try to clear and highten them if are any blockages felt.


This may sound cryptical for you? It is actually not, it is physics and empathy. Give it a try and be open for that experience.


Experience yourself.